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PlayStation Console User Interface Design

For the most part of my 16 years at the SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America - PlayStation Division), I worked as the Senior Lead UI Artist (UI Art Director).  For last 7 years of the MLB The Show franchise, I've have hired and managed 6 UI artists to design and execute screen preparations and other art tasks.  Each year, the UI Art team under my direction, strive to improve and enhance the overall look and feel of the menu system and game OSDs for PS3, PSVita, PSP, PS2 & Online platforms, responsible for over 1,200 screens per year.  I've been in charge of the entire UI and OSD art for the games shown below.  PS3 was launched on November 17th, 2006 and MLB 07 was the first of the series to support the new platform.  I have the screen captures and video footages of the menu and game graphics flows of the MLB 07 to MLB 13, so click on those covers to view the contents.  Also see those 7 series of the Main Menu screens in one page, here.

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